Quantum Physics Coaching

This work includes a rich mix of yoga therapy, transpersonal practices, somatic psychotherapy, coaching, intuitive guidance to assist you to own your birth right; which is to be happy, healthy and full of joy.

Life Coaching for Spirituality.

We can help you on your spirit journey, by coaching you in the right dirctions.

In this work you will learn about:

  • the mind and how it influences your experiences
  • how you can change your mind to create new experiences
  • how to break the feedback loop between the mind and the emotions
  • the importance of embodiment and being present
  • the importance of anchoring with and thinking with the heart
  • how to change your vibration so that you become a master manifester.
  • how to deepen your consciousness and connect with your divinity.

The difference between this work and other approaches:

  • The focus is on the here and now and what you want to create for your future.
  • In order for profound change to occur, the whole ‘body mind’ system needs to be engaged. This includes the spiritual and the physical as well as the mind and the emotions.
  • A daily practice is designed that is unique to you. This practice becomes your medicine and is the key to change because it creates new neurological wiring in the brain, and changes the ‘body mind’ system. Depending on your requirements, the practice will consist of either yoga, breathing techniques, visualisation, transpersonal practices, meditation and/or other practices that are appropriate for you.
  • There is no need to come for a session every week. You have one session, work with your individualised practice for a while then see Lele again based on her recommendation or when you feel ready to take the next step.

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