Small group of monks from a monastery dating from 1409 in Tibet will be here in America to do outreach, education, and fundraising for the monastery which was forced to relocate to south India after its destruction during the Chinese invasion and occupation in the late 1950’s. From a population numbering in the 7000s, approximately 300 were able to flee to India and seek sanctuary. The Monastery has grown to about 2,600 Monks, Nuns and the many children sent to them by parents desperate to have their children raised as Tibetans which now cannot be done in their homeland. Because they are in India, there is no local Tibetan community to support them. They are able to grow some crops but the land is extremely poor and usually plagued by years of drought. Thus they come to us to share their heritage and ask our help!

Leading the group of Monks is Geshe Jigme Tharpa, who possesses the highest earned degree of Buddhist studies. He is further trained and is capable of performing ‘Mo’ divinations. Mo is a very unique Tibetan form of prediction. The word itself means: to check. Through this ability and using very special dice and ancient charts for reference, Geshe is able to help with life questions. This involves some time so, we will schedule appointments for those interested.

Please feel free to contact us if you wish to arrange a visit, consultation or any of the other special activities available. For a full list Click Here.

Some events have been scheduled and more details are being added:

  • April 18, April 19 and May 2 at Incantations
  • April 18th at 7pm, they will begin the evening with an introduction to the Three Principles of Buddha Dharma. Then they will chant. Monastic chanting involves many, many years of study and is polyphonic; they can chant two tones simultaneously! The chanting is so deep it seems to emanate from the very earth itself! Following the talk, they will be happy to answer any questions. They bring with them a variety of crafts and Buddhist Dharma items for sale. To end the evening, we will have Desi, which is sweet rice and Tibetan Tea for all.
  • April 19 from 5pm to 8pm, they will return. This evening, we will be outdoors, so, dress for outside and bring a cushion! This evening they will do a Puja to bless the grove as a place of healing for all and they will chant to remove obstacles. This Puja will involve a fire ceremony. They again will have items for sale and there will be Tea and Sweet rice for all.
  • May 2 at 7pm they will again return. Our format this evening will mirror that of the 18th of April, but, will continue the Dharma Teaching as they explain the Four Noble Truths and the Eight Verses for Training the Mind. Again, questions and answers and a multicultural shopping opportunity.