Botox and Dermal Fillers Melbourne

The signs of aging catch up with us pretty fast. As we grow old, so does our skin. The skin begins to sag and wrinkles appear along with other facial lines. These are undesirable changes in the skin that are inevitable. However, there is a solution to help reduce the signs of old age. Botox […]

The role I play

Meditation plays an integral role in the continuation of the work that I do. It allows me to stay centred in my heartfelt truth and live from a place of peace and integrity. This calmness flows through to my clients and creates a safe space in which clients feel able able to open up to […]

Meditation tips

10 Easy, Simple & Quick Steps to help you meditate. 1) If your head is really busy, write out worries, stressors or distractions onto paper or into a journal before attempting to meditate.  Burn or shred pages if necessary. 2) Read an inspirational passage before meditating. 3)Read something funny that will make you laugh before […]

Inspire and love

There can only be one of you, so make yourself FABULOUS! Your inner child is your intuition, so nurture your inner child and your intuitive self will soar. In today’s busy world, it’s easy to fear stress related diseases. The best antidote is a healthy dose of belly laughs.  Ironically these are highly contagious. Next […]

Want to reconnect with your inner child and make your life more playful and fun?

For some the fast pace of life has taken away the joy of life and has created an insatiable appetite for the accumulation of external things that we mistakenly believe will fill our emotional and spiritual void.  Life has become too serious which takes the fun, enjoyment and pleasure out of what may naturally unfold. […]