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Enlightenment or awakening – Mediation and Healing Coaching Service

We are currently experiencing a wonderful time of change. A time where we are learning to live from and think with the heart. We now have a wonderful opportunity to live in the present, to let go of fear and separation and to live as one with our divine nature.

Daily spiritual practice can greatly assist us. It helps us to master the mind and the emotions so that we are in a position to create a life of joy. Joy and happiness are attainable right now in this present moment. We don’t have to change who we are, or heal. We just have to learn how to Be with all that is.

The Bodhi Connection is the journey one takes to connect with their divine aspect, the ‘Bodhi’ within. It is the path of happiness and joy. It is the path of rememberance.

Welcome aboard. 

If you are looking for NGO Benevolent Organisation for Development please visit: www.bodhi-australia.com

Meditation is one of the most powerful tools you can learn in your lifetime, especially for managing ADHD. For many however, it is one of te most challenging.

Not all mediation practices are suitable for everyone and this is why many people find it frustrating and difficult. It doesn’t need to be, you just need to be guided by a teacher to find an appropriate practice. We find that our clients learn from all different professions, we have a guide who is in Cosmetics and she says this helps her with her everyday work. As mediation is a great way to clear you mind from the every day chores of life. It’s also a great natural substitute for Pain Management. 

One client in the hens party entertainment industry says she needs everyday practice so she doesn’t get overloaded with all the work she deals with.

The Course

Lele has practiced and taught meditation and yoga for 16 years in Australia and abroad. She is skilled in guiding students step-by-step to develop an appropriate practice to suit their requirements.

In this 6 week course, you will learn different meditation practices and will be guided to find the practice that is appropriate for you.

Each class consists of theory, practice and discussion. Lele will also work with you individually to make sure you are progressing with your practice, and will assist you with any obstacles you may have. After the course, we usually go through some food places and hang out to learn to know each other better.

How is this course different to others

If a person has a highly active mind, just sitting and stilling the mind can be excruciating. For the beginner student, the mind needs many things to focus on before it can focus on just one. For this reason, Lele teaches many techniques to assist with bringing the mind into stillness. As mentioned, everyone needs a practice that is appropriate to them and this is Lele approach to meditation.

Meditation is not for everyone and people dealing with Eating disorder Melbourne sometimes turn to more traditional methods.

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