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What We Do: Current Projects

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Map of Burma


Of interest

Buddhist Federation of Australia and the Buddhist Peace Fellowship help victims of Cyclone Nargis in Myanmar, 2008 (pdf 169KB)

John Pilger 'Cry for Freedom' New Internationalist

Bearing witness and action reports (pdf 69KB)




Literacy for Burma's Poorest Children

Yadana Man Aung Monastic Education School,
Monywe Village, Myanmar/Burma

BODHI has long wanted to work in Myanmar/Burma. In 2007, Colin met Burmese orthopaedic surgeon Dr Kotar Mg at the International Network of Engaged Buddhists Conference in Taiwan.

He started the Yadana Man Aung Monastic Education School three years ago in Monywe village. Six voluntary teachers and a Buddhist monk participate. There is no discrimination by race, religion or gender.

'Education means 3 Rs & life skills,' Dr Mg says. 'We use RWCT (Reading and Writing for Critical Thinking) as our teaching method. After 5 years' primary education, the students cannot continue schooling and have to leave. They have to work in the fields.'

BODHI's donation of US$2,000 per year over the project's 5-year duration provides materials to teach literacy and life skills to 100 children aged 10-12 who would not otherwise receive a basic education. Dr Mg contributes support for teachers and classroom furniture.

More (pdf 373 KB)



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